A Legacy of Fine Wood Care Products…

In 1860, Henry Flack began blending waxes and manufacturing polishes in East London. The wood wax and polishes were so superior that they earned recognition by the British Crown. His business was acquired by the J. W. Bollom & Co. in 1961 and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength in both the consumer and professional markets. They are now sold worldwide and have become the “craftsman’s choice” of professional woodworkers and refinishers, as well as homeowners that demand quality.

Since 1860, Henry Flack’s blend of carnauba and beeswax polish has not changed. Patina is defined as the natural, original finish of a wood, and was extremely difficult to maintain and/or regain before the BRIWAX brand of products came into being. Since the BRIWAX brand of wood finish products was created in 1860, however, Patina is the new standard. In the 1990s, environmental concern arose over the use of toluene in paint and stain products. In 2000, Briwax responded to the needs of customers with a toluene-free alternative.

The Difference is in the Blend…

The secret is in the blend. Since recorded history, wood carvers and cabinetmakers throughout Europe have always crafted the finest furniture in the world. They needed a furniture wax that would not only protect the original quality of the wood, but also restore that like-new look when their handicraft became an antique. After years of experimentation, master craftsman Henry Flack formulated a blend of soft beeswax and an imported, hard, waxy emollient from the carnauba palm in South America. Henry called his unique formula BRIWAX. Those who witnessed the results spread the news throughout master craftsmen guilds across Europe.


Since Henry first produced his formula, wood craftsmen around the world have used BRIWAX to protect, restore and recondition fine furniture and antiques to their original “patina”, a finish which, before the BRIWAX blend, could only be duplicated by laborious hand rubbing.

Briwax with Alan Holtham

An introduction to the Briwax range of wood finishing products with Alan Holtham.
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Not all products shown are available in the USA.  Ten colors available in USA and maybe different in name to those given in video.